Dr Cynthia Hunter - Medical Anthropologist and Principal Investigator Australia

Dr Cynthia Hunter (PhD) is a medical anthropologist and senior lecturer in the Schools of Social and Political Sciences, and Public Health at the University of Sydney. Cynthia teaches in the Masters of International Public Health, Masters of Development Studies and Anthropology programmes. She has worked in the Asia-Pacific region, and particularly Indonesia where she conducted ethnographic research of village folk’s access to health care. Cynthia has also done research in three units of two different tertiary paediatric hospitals in Australia. This current research project focuses on children’s experiences of undergoing cardiac surgery. The perspective taken is a socio-cultural one that encapsulates peoples’ stories about the experience of this invasive surgery and its impact on families. The focus is on the meanings of the heart in culturally diverse contexts with participants drawn from different ethnic communities. It is anticipated that the information gathered can provide innovative and relevant pathways of knowledge for future children who have cardiac surgery, and their health care providers engaged in cardiac surgery.