Mogamat-Kamal Acherdien

Operation BraveHeart Interview 26th May 2014: Dr Lauraine Vivian and Ms Claudia Naidu with Mr. and Mrs. Acherdien and the twins.

The following is a short exert from the transcript of our interview with Mr and Mrs Acherdien:

Claudia: What was the best part of the experience?
Mrs. Acherdien: The best part was that it actually brought us as a family even closer…and on the spiritual level it brought our family together not only our immediate family but our extended family as well. I came out of the ICU one visiting hour because I was inside the whole time and when I came out that visiting room was just packed full of family and they brought lunch and that was overwhelming (tearful).
Claudia: So what do you feel the future holds for Kamal?
Mrs Acherdien: We take it one day at a time, both of them will probably have future operations and at any time anything can happen so the signs like turning blue and short of breath and paleness, you know all of those things in terms of where the heart is concerned that we must watch that and we should expect further, future operations…
Mr Acherdien: It is very good to have two boys running and who you can kick balls, who can rough and tumble. From my perspective from when they were first diagnosed it was very difficult but now you can engage with them. The fact that we have a world-class facility on our doorstep and access to that door and that kind of care. I mean if I had to put my salary to it we would never have been able to afford any of it if it was not subsidized. Our children would not be able to have a normal life because they had access to that kind of care. It gave our children a chance to a normal life. One look at Kamal, he’s got a thousand times more energy given what he used to have. He used to sleep a lot he would sleep even in the morning he would sleep an hour or two hours longer than Noor did and that is just changed he is just back to normal.

Mogamat-Kamal in December 2011.

Little Mogamat-Kamal was recruited into the Operation Braveheart study in December 2011, when he was only 5 months old.

He has a twin brother Mogamat-Nur, who was born with the same heart problem but underwent surgery within 72 hours of being born.

These cute twins live with their loving parents and two sisters. Mogamat – Kamaal is still awaiting surgery to narrow his arteries to allow the blood to flow more freely through his body.

Mrs Acherdien is hoping that Mogamat- Kamal will be admitted to surgery soon but reports that both Mogamat-Kamaal and Mogamat-Nur are both doing well, meeting their developmental milestones and are getting very big.