Tamsyn Miseroole

Home Visit to Tammy May 2016.

Cynthia Hunter and I went to visit Tammy at home and as this was not part of our research but a social call I am going to say very little except thanks to the Miseroole family for such a welcome and to Tammy for sharing her story once again.

Interview with the Miseroole Family and Tammy, 6 June 2015

Lauraine: How old are you Tammy?
Tammy: I’m nine years old.
Lauraine: How long ago did you have the heart operation?
Tammy: I don’t remember.
Mrs Miseroole: 3 years ago. She goes just once a year now for a check-up and the last was on the 4 June 2015. Tamsyn was only 6 then and she had not done any sports before. She was not interested in any sport but since then shes joined the netball club.
Lauraine: Do you feel stronger Tammy and do you play more sports?
Tamsyn: silence….yes
Mrs Miseroole: We go for check ups every year and they always do, uh…an echo (cardiogram). And I am almost sure that everything is fine because that’s why they do the echo, to double check. But there hasn’t been a difference to me, Tammy was never sick. But what would have happened if she didn’t have the surgery, three years down the line and I am sure if the doctors didn’t think it was necessary, then they wouldn’t have. Because when we went to Red Cross Hospital, there was such a lot of children on the waiting list. They could have obviously done one of the other kids if they thought that Tamsyn’s surgery wasn’t necessary. Thank goodness, we went that day, one of the children I think had a cold or flu, and they couldn’t do that child and they took Tamsyn. It all happens for a reason. I am not sure what would have happened, if the surgery didn’t take place the day it did. Like I said, she was on the waiting list for the surgery but I didn’t know how urgent it was. When it comes to surgery and the child needs surgery, then it’s always urgent for me. I always asked my husband ‘oh my word’ when is Tamsyn going to have this operation if she’s on the waiting list. And he always said, ‘if the doctors felt that she needed to have it right now, then they would see to it that she did have it’.
Lauraine: Did the surgery meet your expectations when you reflect back, and how do you feel about her surgery?
Mrs Miseroole: I was very happy. I was worried, we were both worried when they took Tammy in for the surgery but I put faith to the doctors. I wouldn’t change the doctors for any other hospital.

Update on Tammy’s Story June 2015

I had the privilege of catching up with the Miseroole Family and found Tammy thriving and the family happy. I will be posting the story of her continuing recovery once it is transcribed and analyzed for our research purposes. In the meantime here are pictures showing how well they all are 3 years after her operation. These pictures show how a child’s successful heart surgery can benefit the lives of all in the family circle.

Tammy’s Story in 2011

Tamsyn is a sweet 7 year old girl recruited into the study on 21 November 2011. She lives with her mum, dad, sister and cousin. One of Tamsyn’s heart valves was too thick to allow an easy flow of blood to and from the heart. Her surgery to narrow this valve took place on 22 November. Tamsyn spent about a week in hospital. We visited with her mum during that time, and again, two months later. Tamsyn recovered from her heart surgery well. Her mum reports that Tamsyn had always been a healthy, active child but the surgery was necessary to prevent anything going wrong in the future. The best way Mrs Miseroole could describe Tamsyn’s heart problem was that ‘it is like 50 people trying to rush through a door at the same time and it is causing Tammy’s heart to work very hard’. If the valve thickens as Tamsyn grows, she may need surgery again in future.